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Im not a good converter

Sorry the game can't be published because my PC can't handle the file I need a windows 10 I have a windows 7

I can make my own mods but I can't make these  mod effects 

Im not that good

Sonicbaldifilmsyt finish up the game plz 🙏

Sonic are you done

BaldiSonicFilms can you publish it

Im have it fix now I publish Monday (or Tuesday idk)

im so hyped

also can you do a face reveal at 75 subs

this is the face of yes: (also working on Skiy's basics) 

I publish but it was error and it publish by Wednesday

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Did you like the update on don’t press the button

Hurry I'm going outrageous

I made an iMovie YouTube channel

And I also decided to change my username without spaces

new jam

Sonic please fix the game plz

I want to play it 😭😩😫

he should be fixing it today

I said on roblox that he said

He will fix it Saturday

I have a youtube channel

Look at my video


What? BaldiSonicFilms is Owner of game? 

But you are to? ???

I gave him permission to fix it


I’m not mad at u But this is important 

BaldiSonicFilms is admin

And I’m owner and I’m not good at fixing

ahhhhnh got that

Android is not working. 


I have to modify baldi basics classic


Baldi super duper ultra rapid !!!!!

Yes but I need to modify baldi classic

Hi baldi Basic fast mode I know how to make Android mods of Baldi like Baldis scary basic


Don’t do anything to my game

I’m working on modifying baldi classic into super duper ultra fast classic

Witch app did you make scary basic

I use no app (well no Android app),

I can't explain because it takes hours but I can send video.


When do you expect baldi's basics super duper ultra fast classic to release? 

I need a computer to use DnSpy

Probably when I’m 14 or 15

I wont

ok thanks

I seem to have a problem on my 2nd existing mod called baldi Wild West edition android

But it seems to be I can’t convert it

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I made baldi Wild West edition  android but I did not convert it I don’t have a pc so DONT TRY TO BEG ABOUT IT

(1 edit)

Did you hear what I said no begging or u will be banned on baldi Wild West edition

Bruh banana peel

hold on I will convert the file

make bananas basic in fruit and juice

Ok after Wild West and super duper ultra fast

I need to modify baldi basics classic

with DNSpy

I can't dowloand this for android

I Gotta convert the file

I am on you’re discord server

Did u fix it? 

not yet

Ok do you have a computer to convert the file


Cant download

I think I need to modify baldi basics classic


Join me on my other baldi rp

Just a reminder it keeps unfriending you on roblox


When I close roblox and reopen roblox

Join me in Simon says



if I can convert the file

Heyy Super fast baldi can you fix it

I can try

Did it work did you convert it? 


Ok :(

Did you fix it?

not yet

It doesn't work for me on android :(

That’s a big problem that is why I converted the files but I need a computer to fix the parse error